Folder Secure Software for Files and Folder Protection

Why Should I Rely on Folder Secure Software for Protecting Folders & Files?

Folder Secure Software named Estelar Protect A Folderis an instrumental tool to make your data completely invisible & inaccessible from the unauthorized hands. Through this logic you get a helpdesk of securing your vital data within a safer lock system. Once your folder is protected under this software, even your data resources are stolen then also it is protected. It offers strong password protection, as it does not leak your password in your windows registry where malicious users can easily find it.



In Which Way Folder Lock Software Provide Protection to Folders and Files?

Would you like to spend huge amt. to avoid passing your sensitive documents in the hands of wrong persons? You may need to opt for this security expert Folder password protection tool only to safeguard your data within reasonable rates.


It is a protective program which permits you to avoid unauthorized access. This program is easily compatible with 32-bit & 64-bit windows. This software contains comfortable guidelines to set a password at one hand & apply it without any usage limit on the other hand.


Whenever we share our computer with someone we firstly require the security of our unusual data, the moment we lock them under a safer tool of this software with a protective password we get a sense of security & releases our self from anxiety of data of being shared with others.


Frequently Asked Question About Folder Secure Software

Here are the some frequently asked question by the users about the folder lock software:


*) What will happen if you lose your encryption key?
The risk of missing your document if you lose your encryption key comes to an end with the application of this software i.e. all your folders content remains at the same level without modifications.


*) Can this software is able to provide protection in the accessibility of all removable drives?

You can implement folder secure software which can give protection of accessing the floppy, CD-Rom and other removable drives. Since this software does not allow the third party in accessibility of the removable drives, it denies the users’ ability to access any unauthorized program on your PC.


*) How fast is this system to install & use?

This software lets you to entertain to choose a unique password & quickly enable or disenable protection of your delicate & vital resources & no doubt that the chosen password can be used by you only.


*) What happens if customer needs any help?

You are always entitle to get complete support from our helpdesk line to sort out any of your problem that you might be facing while applying this logical software.