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Technical Support - Estelar Software

Please feel free to contact us If you're facing any problem with our product or you have a query about our product. In case if you are a licensed user, please include your order details, so that we can resolve your query or problem as soon as possible. Please remember that sometimes responcs can take some time (12-24 hours), here are the contact details:


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Sales Support - Estelar Software

It is advisable to look at the following frequently asked questions before taking any further step:


(1). I am having difficulties during purchase. What can I do?
Please follow the procedure and provide the complete information by filling the required fields on the purchase page. As soon as your payment is “proceed”, you will get the confirmation mail with activation link. If it doesn’t work for you please contact our sales support team with a brief description of the situation.


(2). I have purchased the licensed version but still haven't received my confirmation mail. What should I do?

All information regarding your order, including activation, are sent to you via email on your email ID provided by you at the time of purchase within minutes of your payment being accepted. However, sometimes this email gets erroneously treated as spam by "Spam Protection" tool, or may be automatically sent to your "spam/junk" folder. So please check those locations if you don't receive the email shortly. In case if you don’t find it there contact our support team with details about your order.


(3). Why was my order declined?
When the message "Credit card was declined" appears during the purchaser it means that either you’ve entered the wrong details or the transaction has been declined by your bank. In such situations, a quick call to your bank's customer service will resolve most of the issues. If you feel the problem is from our side you can contact our sales support team any time.


(4). I’m not satisfied with the results of this software. Will I get my money refund?
First of all we’re sorry to hear about this and caused inconvenience. The first step you need to take when you ask for a refund is sending the mail with the reason why you need your money back to our sales staff. Then our sales team executive will contact you and probably ask you for a screen sharing so that you can describe your problem in a more efficient way. If he/she fails to solve your problem we will give your money back in no time.


Suggest New Features or Report a Bug

If you have suggestions regarding new features or function that should be there in our software, please let us know so that we can include them in the next verion of our software. You can also contact our support team in case if you think you've found a bug, thanks!